Rural Municipality of Moose Creek #33



Road Restriction

Order 9/2017
In Accordance with the Bylaw Number 2-1998 of the Rural Municipality of Moose Creek No.33 and with regulations prescribed by the Minister of Municipal Government: Notice is hereby given that effective immediately Friday, July 7,2017
Until further notice, the following public roadways shall have the operation of vehicles restricted to 5,500 kilograms or 12,000 pounds including loads;

West of Sections 33,28,21,16  Twp 04 Range 03 W2M
 South of Sections 18,17 and 16   Twp 04, Range 01 W2M

West of Sections 11 and 2 Twp 04 Range 02 W2M

South of Sections 6,5 and 4 Twp 06 Range 01 W2M

South of Sections 4,3,2 and 1 Twp 06 Range 02 W2M.

South of Section 25 Twp 04 Range 2 W2M

South of Sections 30,29 and 28 Twp 04 Range 01 W2M

South of Section 06 Twp 06 Range 03 W2M
 Dated at Alameda, Saskatchewan July 7,2017

Attention to the Trucking Industry travelling in the RM of Moose Creek,

As of March 29,2017, RM of Moose Creek has contracted our company to coordinate their permit approvals on the RMs behalf. As part of the contract, Province & State Permitting will be collecting the RMs permitting fee of $100.00 per load per move as well as an $18 administration fee to coordinate each approval. If you have an account with us, you will receive a monthly invoice and statement. Please note, The RM requires full payment within 30 days of invoice. If we do not receive full payment within 30 days from the invoice date, we will have to restrict your account; which will also result in your company not getting approval to travel in the RM of Moose Creek. Any further questions regarding the permit approval process or payment please call the office toll free 1-877-547-4095